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I believe that you can have it all, but if you struggle with loving yourself completely peace and happiness will elude you.  This can show up in an inability to practice self-compassion, using negative self-talk, embracing a poor body image, or neglecting self-care rituals.  If you want to experience more abundance in your relationships, start by having an EPIC love affair with yourself.

Doubting our worth limits our ability to speak up and ask for what we want or need from those closest to us. Relationships suffer because of the fear of rejection, ridicule or retaliation prevents us from being authentic and vulnerable. When we feel “less than”, we don’t advocate for ourselves which creates a dire cycle of disappointment, regret, and loneliness.

What we believe about what we deserve when it comes to love and intimacy is powerful! Those beliefs manifest themselves in how we show up for ourselves and the choices we make every single day. Raising our awareness and developing strategies to transform the way we relate to ourselves builds courage and confidence to change old patterns that no longer serve our highest good. 

I work with people who are fiercely driven to create deeper more meaningful relationships with their partners.  They are ready to explore their “stuck” points and get honest with themselves and experience the breakthrough they’ve been searching for. They are curious about possibilities and are open to untraditional methods to get the results they are seeking.


  • RELEASE your shame and heal your past
  • CREATE space in your life for what you really want
  • DEVELOP greater self-confidence and poise
  • BECOME more articulate and communicate more effectively
  • SHOW UP for yourself and ask for what you want, need, and desire
  • FEEL seen and heard by your partner
  • IMPROVE body image and really love the skin you’re in
  • BUILD deeper intimacy with your partner
  • EXPERIENCE deeper connection and love
  • EXPLORE new ways of giving and receiving pleasure
  • INCREASE sexual satisfaction

If you said, ‘YES!!‘ 

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