10 Simple Ways to Experience More Pleasure In Your Life

Life just keeps getting busier and busier.  If we are not intentional about experiencing pleasure or joy in our life, we will miss out on all of the little things in life that make life so wonderful! Being mindful of the things that bring us pleasure is the first step to actually experiencing more pleasureContinue reading “10 Simple Ways to Experience More Pleasure In Your Life”

5 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism

Having high standards is a good thing and can reflect well on your character and work ethic.  Striving for excellence is a sign that you are committed to personal development and high performance.  Being determined to put out a good work product builds a strong brand based on quality. Entrepreneurs can confuse high standards withContinue reading “5 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism”

Shift from Persistent to Resilient

Resilience is a word that is resonating with me lately. Resilience is what has gotten me to where I am today.  The mindset of never giving up has served me well. Until recently the word I would have used is persistence, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Resilient sounds luxurious.  It soundsContinue reading “Shift from Persistent to Resilient”

5 Tips for Creating a More Positive Body Image

Body image is an issue every woman deals with regardless of her body shape or size. There is always something about our bodies that cause us to cringe when we look in the mirror. Having poor body image can cause us to show up small in our lives. To fully love ourselves we must findContinue reading “5 Tips for Creating a More Positive Body Image”

3 Tips for Silencing Self-Sabotaging Language

Let’s face it, we all have self-sabotaging voices we listen to.  You know, those voices that say we are unworthy, or unlovable or undeserving.  Voices that whisper lies to keep us playing small can only wield their power over us if we give them permission. Where do these self-limiting voices originate?  Originally, they were designedContinue reading “3 Tips for Silencing Self-Sabotaging Language”