Are you ready for your next launch?

When I was growing up, my dad owned an appliance store. We lived in a small town and our store was the only privately owned store that sold appliances. There were a couple of discount stores that had an appliance department but they didn’t offer service calls or training. I learned early on that understandingContinue reading “Are you ready for your next launch?”

DATA COLLECTION – How to Understand Your Customer on a Deeper Level

You’ve heard me say it before, and I’m going to say it again today. Data is a powerful business building tool.  If you want to have higher conversions, you need to pay attention to the data that matters. And, that begins with the data points that make up your dream customer’s avatar or persona. OneContinue reading “DATA COLLECTION – How to Understand Your Customer on a Deeper Level”

Why You’re Not Getting an ROI on Your Social Media Advertising

Social media is a treasure trove of data that can be measured in a multitude of ways…likes, shares, retreats, impressions…the ways you can look at data is mind boggling.  But, what metrics are really important to you as a small business owner?Facebook and LinkedIn would have you believe that impressions are what matter most. ButContinue reading “Why You’re Not Getting an ROI on Your Social Media Advertising”

Become a Great Leader Through Great Story-Telling

Communicating and connecting are essential skills if you want to be a successful leader, yet the bulk of leaders in today’s workforce have under-developed presentation and communication skills.  An inadequate understanding of how to effectively communicate can reduce a leader’s impact on his team and organization. Science tells us that our brains are designed toContinue reading “Become a Great Leader Through Great Story-Telling”