DATA COLLECTION – How to Understand Your Customer on a Deeper Level

You’ve heard me say it before, and I’m going to say it again today. Data is a powerful business building tool.  If you want to have higher conversions, you need to pay attention to the data that matters. And, that begins with the data points that make up your dream customer’s avatar or persona. OneContinue reading “DATA COLLECTION – How to Understand Your Customer on a Deeper Level”

Why You’re Not Getting an ROI on Your Social Media Advertising

Social media is a treasure trove of data that can be measured in a multitude of ways…likes, shares, retreats, impressions…the ways you can look at data is mind boggling.  But, what metrics are really important to you as a small business owner?Facebook and LinkedIn would have you believe that impressions are what matter most. ButContinue reading “Why You’re Not Getting an ROI on Your Social Media Advertising”

5 Ways to Show Up for Yourself Daily

As a leader in your business, you need to show up every day.  Growing your business takes consistent effort and intentional actions.  Without those two ingredients, your business is nothing more than a time-consuming hobby.   You may not have had good leaders in your past to emulate but that is no excuse.  If you’reContinue reading “5 Ways to Show Up for Yourself Daily”

Intentional Living Increases Productivity

Have you ever been overwhelmed not knowing the next step to take on your journey? You’re not alone. I have felt the same way. Tasks that were just too big would intimidate me, and cause me to put my head in the sand and not take action. I have seen this behavior time and time again with myContinue reading “Intentional Living Increases Productivity”