Bodacious Boss Babes Mastermind Program

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4-Month Group Coaching Program

Bodacious Boss Babes is the group for you if you’re ready to DREAM unimaginable dreams, PUSH through the fears that have been holding you back, and LOVE the journey of reinventing yourself!

You will spend time creating your mission and vision statements to provide the clarity you need to propel yourself forward.
You will participate in challenges and employ strategies to boost your self-confidence and learn to silence the negative voices that hold you back.
You will tap into your passions and dreams to create a plan to live a wholehearted life.
You will discover the magic in your story and fully embrace your past so you can bravely step into the future.

Join me as we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, embrace a positive self-image, and dare to live the life of our dreams!  I only have room for 20 women at the introductory price of $397 so act now!

introductory price

Introductory Price Expires June 5th


I am offering this life-changing program at a special price for the summer session.

Join a brave group of women who are ready to take control of their lives and overcome fears and limiting mindsets that have held them back.

Connect with other women who want to be empowered to create a wholehearted life that brings them joy each and every day!

I want to be a Bodacious Boss Babe! Count me in!

Brooke Strauss-Dobi – Owner Blacksheep Digi Boss
“Anza Goodbar has been my business/success coach for several months now and I can say with full confidence that she has made an incredible impact on my business.

She has a natural gift for coaching. She really is able to hone in on the deep-rooted issues. She has helped me connect the issues in my personal relationships to my insecurity in my business. I have gained a lot of clarity in my business with her help and feel more confident in myself due to her coaching.

Along with being an insightful coach, she is extremely warm, kind, honest, and trustworthy. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Christina K Wells – Owner, Create Movement Now
“I love working with Anza. She has been so great in helping me overcome barriers and put things in perspective to move forward.  She has helped me to see through the invisible barriers that were just in my head and create a path forward that is supporting my goals and has me excited about the future. She is experienced and thoughtful in the process which is helping me think through my next steps in a way that I could not do alone.  Thanks, Anza!”

Vera Stark – Owner, Secrets of the Soul

I absolutely love working with Anza. Her amazing ability to help me move forward in my business has been extremely valuable. She has helped me to become more clear on where I want to go, and what I really want to achieve in my business. The strategies that she uses makes it fun and easy to implement new ideas, and the support she offers is always so helpful. Anza is a kind and authentic coach who really cares deeply about her clients, and I highly recommend working with her. Thank you, Anza, for your love, support, and the service you provide. I wouldn’t be where I am in my business right now, if it wasn’t for you.