6-Figure Life & Business Blueprint 12-Month Group Coaching Program

For Christian Women
Who Believe They Can Have it ALL!

You don’t have to settle!

My 6-Figure Life & Business Blueprint
is a unique hybrid mastermind/mentoring program for Christian women who want to replace their income by building a 6-figure business that creates a flexible family lifestyle.

– Anza Goodbar

This program is for you if you…

  • Are motivated to replace your income by building a sustainable 6-figure business
    – NOT a get rich quick scheme or MLM
  • Need a flexible business that allows you to virtually school your children
  • Want to build a business based on Christian leadership principles
  • Desire to create a financial legacy for your family
  • Feel ready to become empowered to create the life you want as a CEO, mother, wife, and woman

You can go from “I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know if I can handle this” to “BRING IT ON! I’m a Boss!” with an experienced mentor to personally guide you through every step of your journey.

Over the next 12 months we will:
  • Plan an Extraordinary Life Design Strategy by reverse engineering your life and using that to create a clear, realistic business strategy that fits around your family, romantic and personal goals so you don’t sacrifice a thing (it’s possible to have it all!)
  • Build a Profitable Business You Love together we will create your business and brand in a structured and sustainable way that allows you to do work you enjoy with clients you love. This also includes creating an irresistible offer around the problem you solve so it’s easy to get potential clients to say “yes”.
  • Create a Sales Machine you’ll learn how to market & launch your offer and business with quick ways to create compelling content, build an audience of raving fans, get free PR that establishes you as an expert and brings in new clients while placing a priority on your time, financials and goals.
  • Develop a Mindset of Steel A big part of your success will be building a mindset of steel that’s immune to self-sabotaging behaviors, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs around charging what you’re worth, and prepare you to bust through your upper limits so you can emerge as the best version of yourself in every way. 
  • Make the Most of Your Time If you’re a mom during this pandemic, you already know time management is key. That’s why we’ll implement time management tools, productivity hacks, and automations that will enable you to be efficient and productive with your time while juggling parenthood and personal responsibilities.
  • Plan for Successful & Sustainable Growth We will lay the foundation to thoughtfully scale your business with team building and delegation strategies as well as help you identify multiple streams of income so you have a recession-proof plan to grow without setbacks. 
Do you want to build a 6-figure lifestyle and business? click here to schedule a call to outline your next steps.  

Let me show you how to COMBINE YOUR PASSIONS WITH YOUR DREAMS to realistically create a lifestyle that will produce time, location, and financial freedom

If you struggle with:

  • Lack of clarity on HOW to build a profitable business
  • Burnout with all the responsibilities you currently juggle
  • Confidence because you believe others unflattering opinions of you
  • Perfectionism and feeling stuck because you don’t know all of the steps
  • Overwhelm because nothing seems simple (it’s usually simpler than you’re making it!)
  • Taking action because you’re afraid of failing
  • Time Management and productivity
I’ve got you! I’ve been there!

I can help you design a customized roadmap that sets you up to achieve what takes most people 5 years to accomplish in only 1 year.

How will we create the 6-figure lifestyle you crave and deserve together?

When we work together you’ll get:

  • A kick off 90-minute deep dive one-on-one to outline the first action steps to take and get results based on your specific situation and goals 
  • 3 hours of live group training and Q&A via ZOOM every month (all calls are recorded and filed in FB Group)
  • Unlimited Voxer access to me – for real time support as you need it 
  • Proven templates (biz plan, email templates, webinar slide deck, and more)
  • 150+ FREE resources & PR strategies to get your business up and running quickly
  • Step by step processes that will take you from inception to income
  • A to Z business library – you’ll have everything you need to refer to at any time in your journey through mindset, personal development, leadership, relationships, communication. and more 
  • Learn from guest specialists and grow your network  – a diverse variety of experts will share secrets behind successful marketing, sales, relationships, and mindset. 
  • Private Facebook Community of powerful women on the same journey as you all cheering each other on as we grow and succeed together
  • Constant accountability – to make sure you’re hitting the milestones we set – no woman left behind! 

After we’re done, you will have a sustainable, recession-proof 6-figure business designed around the LIFE you want – not only the business you want. 

Building a business can be filled with time wasting detours and mistakes – let me help you avoid them by creating a customized blueprint that positions you on the quickest route to 6-figures for you.

Let’s awaken your dreams and light your soul on fire! It’s time to become empowered to claim what your soul knows is yours.

To qualify to work with me, you must: 
  • Desire to build a sustainable business – NOT a get rich quick scheme or MLM
  • Want time, location and financial freedom in your business and are ready to do what it takes to create it
  • Passion, expertise and/or transferable skill set we can build a business around

This one-of-a-kind hybrid program to design the LIFE & BUSINESS you want is a low four figure investment – very small compared to the 6-figure business and lifestyle of freedom you’ll create.

– Anza Goodbar
If you are ready to design a 6-figure lifestyle and business – click here to schedule a call so we can chat and outline your next steps.  

Why Anza Goodbar?

As a mother at 16, entrepreneur of 25 years and business owner 7 times over – I have lived an extraordinary and adventurous life. As any single mother knows, I didn’t have a choice – I had to figure it out. I read all the books, went to therapy, worked with coaches, and did everything I could to purge the limiting beliefs others instilled in me.

I know what it’s like to not know what your next best move is…

I lived through the failure of my mortgage business in 2008 and learned how to recreate who I was, retool my mindset, and repackage what I could do to build a business out of thin air. In essence, I created my own economy!

Since then, I have worked with women to help them realize their potential, embrace their value, dream bigger, and believe that all things are possible with faith the size of a mustard seed.

…and I’m honored to be here now to show you how to discover your next move.

Books have always been a part of my life since I can remember. When I met Anza, almost 3 years ago, we connected instantly. Our shared passion for books led us to become long-lasting biz besties, so when last year I decided I wanted to start my own publishing company to create book collaborations, there was no doubt in my mind, she was the right person to work with.

Anza gave me the tools and strength to make this project successful. She ensured that I learned all the ins and outs of how to create a book collaboration with great success. She even answered all my questions – even the silly ones! Her knowledge and expertise were absolutely crucial to turn this book into everything I ever dreamed of and to make it to NUMBER ONE internationally. I couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks, Anza, I can’t wait to create more magic together! 

– Maria c. Krause
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