Social Media Marketing Tools Every Business Owner Should Have

Guest post submitted by: Chantel Cervantes

Getting your business active on social media is a great way to build your audience and connect. It shows a more personable side to your brand and can help establish authority in your industry.

It’s also an opportunity to study the analytics side, showing you how successful your brand is with your audience. Get an inside look at how people are reacting to your posts- which ones make more of an impression, what gets shared most often. Plus, social media offers a closer view of your competition. Which areas they’re succeeding in and which areas they’re not doing so well with. 

It’s undeniable that there’s a multitude of benefits from using social media. But in order to maximize your social media marketing potential, you should have a few tools in your toolbox. Tools that will help you work smarter and more efficiently. Practice smart marketing with these must-haves:

Get the Word Out

The first step is to connect and get out information about your brand. Try to find where your target audience is, in the world of social media. Maybe they’re on certain platforms more than others. Join social media communities in your industry and make a presence there. When you know where to find your target audience, you can start learning more about them and creating a strategy for building a relationship with them. 

Tool #1: Business Cards

If you’re doing some in-person networking, you should have business cards on hand with your social media profile information. It’s a personable way to promote business and gain new followers. For a go-to, uncomplicated design resource, you need to add BusinessCards to your toolbox. This tool will not only save you on time, but also money because it’s completely FREE to use! 

Create Killer Content

After you’ve spent time studying your target audience, start working on some engaging content that will catch their attention. Use a combination of videos, written content, images, and interactive content. 

All of your posts should have two things in common. They represent your brand’s style and are visually appealing. This way you’re creating brand recognition while ensuring that your posts catch the eye of distracted social media scrollers. Here’s a couple of FREE content design tools for your toolbox:

Tools #2+3 Biteable and

Videos are no doubt the hottest trend when it comes to social media. Business owners are also jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Videos are quick to catch attention and are an engaging way to get a message across. They’re personal, authentic, and transparent- all qualities which are important to your audience. Plus, they’re faster and easier for the viewer to digest. 

To keep up with the competition, you need to have a video creation tool at hand. Biteable is another FREE tool that can help you create engaging videos for your audience. You can work with your own footage, or use the footage provided by Biteable. There’s even the option to create a fun, animated video. They also offer templates and customization tools so you can make sure your content is beautifully branded. 

For all other social media design projects, try out This tool helps you add an element of design to anything you share online. Also FREE to use! Deck out your written content, edit photos, create infographics, and more. 

Analyze and Strategize

Once you’ve started actively engaging on social media, you’ll need some way to get organized. A strategy for planning, managing, and analyzing all of your social media interactions. Thankfully, there’s also a tool for this!

Tool #4 Buffer

This is an absolute must-have tool. Buffer helps you with scheduling your content releases, makes it easy to manage responses, and gives you a detailed analysis of your progress. With everything on one dashboard, nothing gets overlooked. FREE for the basic subscription which includes up to 3 social media accounts. 

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