3 Life Changes to Embrace During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guest post submitted by : Kristin Louis

When the year began, your calendar for the next few months might have been filled with vacations, weddings, graduations, and holidays with family. Perhaps you were aiming for a promotion at your company, or maybe you were getting ready to head back to college. But whatever your calendar looked like back in January, there is a good chance that the COVID-19 pandemic has wiped the slate clean.

We have faced so many changes in such a short timeframe that you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. But with the right attitude, you can begin to look on the bright side and take advantage of the opportunities these circumstances have presented. These tips will help you embrace the changes you’re dealing with rather than trying to run from them.

Switching JobsWith so many drastic changes in the labor market, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re thinking about making a big career change. Nowadays, working from home is easier than ever, and after the events of the past couple of months, even more employers are open to the idea! This benefits everyone, but it’s an exceptionally important development for people with disabilities because it makes employment far more accessible.

If you want to work from home, you could start your own home-based business, apply for full-time remote positions at different companies, or check out freelance job boards for projects if you’d prefer to work as an independent contractor. What kind of work should you look into? Many brands are in need of editors for hire who can provide feedback on grammar, syntax, and structure, and you could offer assistance with everything from polishing up blog posts to revising novels. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to be an author and publish your own work (book a strategy session with Anza Goodbar to learn about self-publishing).

Gaining More IndependenceThe salon you normally go to for a haircut is currently closed. The restaurant where you eat every Friday night has also shut its doors. And your gym won’t be opening at least for another few weeks. The only solution? Learning how to recreate these services on your own!
After your first DIY haircut, you might be cringing at what you see in the mirror, and after your initial attempt at recreating a dish from your favorite restaurant, you may have found yourself counting down the days until you could order it off a menu. If you started a vegetable garden, you might be worried that you’ll never have a “green thumb.” But taking these steps toward independence and self-sufficiency can actually be quite rewarding if you stick with it. In another month or so, you’ll be shocked by how much you’ve improved!

Adopting a New PetIsolation can be tough on your mental health, and the need for companionship has led some people to adopt pets in need of loving homes. If you can’t stop checking out pictures of the pets at your local shelter, it might be time to take the plunge, but first, make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared!
It can be tempting to adopt the first adorable face you see at the shelter, but Hill’s recommends thinking about what kind of care you’re capable of providing first. Don’t bring home a husky if you live in a tiny studio apartment! When you bring your new pet home, Care suggests focusing on house training first and being patient as they get used to their new living situation.

No one expected to face the situation we are dealing with at the moment. It’s okay if you’ve found it difficult to cope with our current circumstances; after all, there was no way you could have prepared. But even if you feel like you were caught off guard, you can learn to adapt. If you can take the time to understand why these changes might be for the better, you’ll feel much more resilient and hopeful for the future.

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