10 Simple Ways to Experience More Pleasure In Your Life

Life just keeps getting busier and busier.  If we are not intentional about experiencing pleasure or joy in our life, we will miss out on all of the little things in life that make life so wonderful! Being mindful of the things that bring us pleasure is the first step to actually experiencing more pleasure in life!

If you’re feeling blah and you need to shift your energy, check out these simple tips to add pleasure into your daily life:

  • Pamper your self – Take time for self-care.  Go get a mani/pedi, take a nice hot bubble bath, go for a run or burn a candle. Pampering and self-care are as unique as you are. I love to take my journal and go hiking.  I like to find a perch to overlook the city and just write out my thoughts. Getting into nature and enjoying peace and tranquility brings pleasure to my daily life.
  • Try something new – Trying new things is a great way to expand our experience. Take an art class, go on a road trip, ask someone out on a date, or learn a foreign language. Tap into a part of your brain that you don’t normally use.  I love ballroom dancing, it is an excellent way to use my creativity, enjoy music, and move my body in ways outside of my daily routine. It’s great exercise and it builds confidence.
  • Volunteer at a local charity –  Thinking outside of ourselves can help bring joy and pleasure to everyday life. Choose a local charity to give your time to like a food bank, a homeless shelter, or the NICU at a hospital and donate your time. I volunteer weekly at my granddaughter’s school, I always leave more energized than when I came. Interacting with vibrant five-year-olds who have a hunger for learning brings a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Go to see a live show – Go to the opera, the ballet, an art exhibit or a sporting event. Feel the energy of the people around you. Getting out of your daily routine can help you appreciate the variety of things life has to offer. Going to Vegas and seeing Cirque live is one of my favorite ways to experience joy and pleasure. The anticipation and electricity in the air are rejuvenating!
  • Cook together – As a society we eat out or eat on the go too often. Schedule family night in and cook a meal together.  Shut off the television and engage in conversation. Building intimacy with family increases bonds and strengthens connections. My granddaughter loves to cook so we make sure she gets to help out at least one night a week. She loves to create her own recipes for the family to enjoy.
  • Create a haven in your home – Engage all of your senses when you get in from a long day. Burn candles,  infuse essential oils or set out fresh flowers to invigorate your sense of smell. Have a soft blanket to snuggle up in and watch a movie. Keep a variety of foods you enjoy in the kitchen so you can eat fresh whole foods to fuel your body. Turn the lights down low and enjoy ambient lighting to rest your eyes. Put on some music or background sounds like waves crashing against the shore to relax you at the end of the day. In the winter, I find pleasure burning the fireplace and reading a good book snuggled up in a velvety soft blanket.
  • Do something that makes you feel sexy – Buy some new lingerie, try a new perfume, get a facial or get your hair done. Discover what makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Invest in yourself by indulging every once and a while. When I can find the time, I love to schedule a spa day and pamper myself.  One of my favorite treatments exfoliates your skin and leaves you feeling soft and silky from head to toe!
  • Focus on intimacy – Take time to date your mate. Spend time gazing into each other’s eyes and being fully present. Practice good listening skills and really engage in meaningful conversation. Take in each other’s scent and enjoy each other’s company. I love to touch my partner when we talk to deepen the feeling of connection.
  • Meditate – Day to day life can be overwhelming between family and career. Our level of focus can wane and we can become forgetful. Practice daily meditations and breathing exercises to calm your mind and be more present in your body. Start with 5 minutes a day and work your way up. When I feel stressed, I like to practice box breathing to get me back in my body. Concentring on my breaths helps increase focus and energy.
  • Spice up your sex life – Has romance left the building? Are you just too busy with raising kids and building a career?  Does sex just seem like one more thing on your to-do list?  Keep a sexual journal to look at your feelings and attitudes towards sex. Evaluate your feelings and expectations surrounding sex and find some innovative ways to surprise your lover. One of my favorite ways to enjoy more pleasure during sex is to build anticipation and prolong pleasurable sensations. 

Pleasure is everywhere if we just slow down and recognize it. Take a look at your life and see where you feel out of alignment. Take time to focus on areas that need more attention and be mindful about ways you can build pleasure into your life. Taking time to smell the roses and practice daily gratitude will help increase your awareness of the things that bring you pleasure.

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