5 Tips for Creating a More Positive Body Image

Body image is an issue every woman deals with regardless of her body shape or size. There is always something about our bodies that cause us to cringe when we look in the mirror. Having poor body image can cause us to show up small in our lives. To fully love ourselves we must find ways to accept our bodies just as they are lumps, bumps, and curves.

Every woman deserves to love herself completely, but it doesn’t happy by accident.  It takes intentionality to change our inner thoughts and beliefs. Check out my five tips to create a more positive body image:

  1. Appreciate your body for all it does for you. Make a list of all of the things your body is capable of. Our bodies are amazing creations that are capable of carrying and nurturing life. They are beautiful in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

    I was struggling with not being able to lose weight. Since menopause, I have put on some extra pounds that made me feel poorly about how I looked and felt about myself. My coach suggested writing a love letter to my body. I really didn’t see the value in the exercise, but I thought I had nothing to lose. After gazing at my naked body in the mirror, I started writing a letter of gratitude for all my body has done for me. It was remarkable how changing my mindset made a profound difference in my body image and ability to shed those unwanted pounds.

  2. Create a list of 25 things you love about yourself. This list should exclude anything that is body related. Focus on personality, character, and abilities or awesome skills you have that make you uniquely you.

    This will be a useful tool to revisit when you’re having an off day. It’s not uncommon to have low self-esteem days or body image days during your monthly cycle. This list will help overcome the negative emotions you might feel during this time of the month. Keep is close so you can reread it for a quick pick me up.

  3. Define what beauty is to you. Beauty is subjective. What you believe beauty is should be the only definition that matters to you. Beauty is a state of mind more than the outward appearance of your body.

    Beauty eventually fades with age. Youthfulness transforms into wrinkles and gray hair. If we base our definition of beauty on outward appearance we will continually struggle with our self-image. Work on building character traits that radiate your inner beauty and your self-image will fall in line with your new beliefs about yourself.

  4. Surround yourself with positive influences. There is power in the community we spend time with. The five people we hang out with will have the most significant impact on our thoughts. Make sure these people are breathing positive life-giving energy into your life.

    Choose friends that are positive and encourage you to grow in mind, body, and spirit. Don’t align yourself with negative people that feed you critical remarks and tear you down. We all have a judgemental voice in our heads that does enough sabotaging!

  5. Stop comparing yourself to media ads. The comparison game never ends well. It always leaves us feeling icky and less than. Media ads don’t represent reality. They are photoshopped and represent the fashion industry’s idea of beauty.

    Focus on having a strong and healthy body. Eat a clean diet filled with colorful foods that fuel your body. I have recently been more intentional about meal times so I can fully engage in all of the wonderful flavors of the foods I’m ingesting.

Feeling good about your entire being is a step towards unconditional self-love. Loving the skin we’re in is a huge part of the self-love experience. If we don’t like what we see in the mirror, it erodes our confidence and makes us feel like hiding away. It can make us feel unlovable or unworthy of success in life and business.

Take time to evaluate where you are on the on your journey to self-love and acceptance when it comes to your body image. Ask yourself what you need to do to improve that part of your life and create an action plan. Never feel like you need to change your appearance to please someone else.

Build activities into your life that nurture a sustainable self-care routine like staying hydrated, eating right, exercising at least 3x a week and getting plenty of rest. These are all simple ways to build self-care into our daily life without adding additional activities to your schedule. Taking care of yourself first will help develop the concept of self-worth.

Share what you do to cultivate a positive body image in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear how you take time to care and love yourself daily!

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